About Lesaffre North America

Web Portal of Lesaffre Companies in North America:
We are pleased to show case the breath of our expertise and competencies by bringing together the web sites of all the Lesaffre Group companies serving the North American market under this portal. Each company focuses on a specific industry.

Lesaffre Yeast Corporation & Red Star Yeast Company
Baker's Yeast & Ingredients (USA & Canada)

Commercial Bakers & Food Service: Site targeted at the commercial baker affiliated with retail & Intermediate bakeries, Food Service (Pizza, Restaurants, etc.), as well as the Wholesale/Industrial baking sector. Using the Red Star® brand yeast and ingredients, Saf-Instant® yeast, and Saf Pro® line of dough conditioners. Website: http://www.lesaffreyeastcorp.com

Home Bakers / Consumer: Site tailored to the needs of the home bakers. Using Red Star®, SAF®, and Bakipan® yeast and baking products.
http://www.redstaryeast.com       http://www.bakipan.com

Fermentis — Ethanol, Spirits, Beer & Wine Yeast
Fermentis is the the business unit of the Lesaffre Group dedicated to the development & sales of yeast and yeast products to the beer, wine, spirits and industrial ethanol industries. The vocation of the business unit is to develop innovating specialty yeast products offering both technical and economical performances to end users.
Website: http://www.fermentis.com

LFA — Lesaffre Feed Additives — Animal Feed Ingredients
LFA brings together the efforts of Lesaffre agricultural entities throughout the Americas to address the feed industry needs in the NAFTA countries, Central, and South America. LFA-America website: http://www.lfa-america.com

SAF Mex — Baker's Yeast & Ingredients (Mexico)
SAF Mex services the baking needs of commercial and home bakers in Mexico. http://www.safmex.com

SAF Isis — Natural Aromas & Chemicals
A Leading worldwide producer of yeast derivatives, enzymes, and bioconversion. SAFISIS website: http://www.safisis.com

Bio Springer — Yeast Extracts
a division of the Lesaffre Group, continues its quest to remain the world's leader in Yeast derivative technology, manufacturing, and service. Biospringer's website: http://www.biospringer.com

Human Care — Nutritional Yeast
The leading provider of Nutritional and Mineral yeast throughout North America.

Lesaffre Group — Leader in The Science of Yeast
Lesaffre Group is the world leader in yeast and yeast extracts, with an industrial presence in more than 30 countries and 6,000 employees throughout the world. The lesaffre group is fully family-owned since 1853, and headquartered in France. Additional information can be found on Lesaffre's website: http://www.lesaffre.com