Fermipan® Super Red 2in1

Product Code #66017



Fermipan® 2-in-1 Instant Yeast is an instant Yeast with a clean label dough conditioner that improves the consistency and quality of your dough.


1. Fermipan 2-in-1 is from Lesaffre Yeast Corporation – the makers of SAF-Instant – offering a leading line of yeast and improvers.
2. Improves dough tolerance.
3. Allows superior fermentation.
4. Makes fluffier loaves and rolls, even with 51% whole wheat flour.
5. Conditions heavier whole wheat flour.


Use Fermipan 2-in-1 just like you currently use SAF-Instant.



Fermipan 2-in-1 is vacuum packed in 20 - 500 gr. packages

* Cases/Pallet: 88
* Cases/Layer: 11/8

Product Code 66017


Keep Fermipan 2-in-1 in a cool, dry place.  Keep the product no longer than two years (unopened).


Lesaffre gives you the broadest line of bakers' yeast in the baking industry and backs them with an experienced technical staff. Our bakers hotline is available for your questions: (414) 615-4094.