Red Star Bakers Compressed/Block Yeast

( PRODUCT CODE #05020, 05040, 05050, 05200 )


Red Star® compressed block yeast is a leavening agent composed of living yeast cells derived from a pure culture of Saccharomyces cerevisiae grown under carefully controlled conditions to ensure optimum consistency, stability and activity in baking processes.


1. Consistent yeast performance and product quality.
2. Convenient, easy to scale.
3. Compatible with all fermentation processes.


Red Star® Block Yeast is shipped direct in refrigerated trucks for use as a leavening agent in fresh, frozen and par-baked products. 


Red Star® compressed yeast blocks are certified Kosher Parve. Click on the link below each product to register for free to Digital Kosher and get automatic updates of our Kosher certificates.

Kosher Certificate - 05200 RS COMP. YEAST 10/5 LB

Kosher Certificate - 05020 RS COMP. YEAST 20/1LB

Kosher Certificate - 05040 RS COMP. YEAST 40/1LB


• 40 - 1 lb. individually wrapped blocks.
Product Code 05040

• 20 - 1 lb. individually wrapped blocks.
Product Code 05020

• 10 - 5 lb. packages. Product Code 05200
(each package is split into 5 blocks)



• Shelf life if kept below 45ºF. for optimum
   21 days for 5 lb. blocks
   28 days for 1 lb. blocks
• Yeast temperature should be maintained at 45ºF. or
  below at all times.
• Optimum cooler temperature is 36º to 40ºF. with
  good air circulation.
• Once opened, store in a cooler.
• Rotate inventory.
• Do not freeze.


Red Star® gives you the broadest line of bakers’ yeast in the baking industry and backs it with an experienced technical staff. Our Bakers Hotline is available for your questions: (414) 615-4094.