SAF Pro Relax +YF

( PRODUCT CODE #73050 )



As a deactivated dry yeast, SAF Pro® Relax® + YF improves the machinability and handling of the dough, while imparting a yeast flavor.


1. Reduces mixing time.
2. Adds special flavor to dough.
3. Reduces elasticity of dough.
4. Increases extensibility of dough.
5. Label friendly


SAF Pro® Relax®+YF is recommended for the following baked goods:
• Pizza Crust
• Baguettes
• Crackers
• Breadsticks
• Mixes
• Pretzels
• Pita Bread


SAF Pro® Relax®+YF is acceptable for use in either standardized or non-standardized baked goods and is Kosher certified.


Add directly to the flour at 0.5-1.5% of the total flour weight. Example: 8 oz. to 1.5 lbs. SAF Pro® Relax®+YF per 100 lbs. of flour.


73050: 50 lbs. (22.68 kg) multiwall bag 
           UPC Code: 0 17929 73050 5
73070: 10 kg corrugated box with poly liner, plastic liner tie and tamper evident tape.
           UPC Code: 1 00 17929 73070 0
Julian date coded
Import/Export Tariff Code: 2102.20.0000
Country of Origin: United States


Recommended shelf life for unopened packages is 12 months. Recommended shelf life for opened packages is 3 months.


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